Generate Credit Card/Debit Card Number from BIN or by Bank Specific BIN

What is a BIN number?

BIN or the bank identification number is a set of digits found on the credit card. BIN is also known as the IIN or issuer identification number. These are the set of digits that provides one with the information regarding the issuer of the credit cards. The type of the card, card brand, and level of the card can be determined using the BIN.

The bank identification number can be found on the credit card. It is the initial six digits of your credit card number. It also includes the MII or the Major Industry Identifier. MII is the first digit on the credit card number that denotes the category of the credit card issuers. E-commerce merchants use BIN to protect themselves from fraudulent activities during credit card transactions. Gift cards and instalment-based purchases are the most common frauds that happen in the e-commerce sector. Merchants now conduct BIN lookup process only to make sure that there are sufficient funds available in the given credit card.

How does our credit card number generator from BIN works?

  • Type the BIN in the given field.
  • Ensure that you adhere to the format. Type without any spaces in between.
  • Tick the validation requirement. (captcha)
  • Hit generate button.
  • The page will refresh to display you the credit card numbers that can be generated using the given BIN.
  • You can also see the information that has been traced using the BIN that includes issuing bank, card brand, card type, card level, ISO country name, ISO country A2, ISO country A3, ISO country number, Issuer’s website, and Issuer’s contact.

BIN one such tiny element of a credit card that reveals wide information about the credit cards. Our BIN credit card number generator tool effortless generates a range of possible credit card number from the given BIN that is valid as per the Luhn algorithm.

With our BIN credit card number generator, all you need is a valid BIN. You can also check and validate your BIN below. One must note that the credit card numbers generated using the BIN number is valid but cannot be used for any purchases. Our main purpose is to help you out in your website or payment testing process, wherein you may not have to reveal your own credit card details and rather use the fake credit card details displayed here. Fraudulent activities conducted using fake credit card details can lead to legal consequences.

Validate, verify, and Check your BIN Number

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You can validate your BIN number by typing them on the below-given area.Ensure that the BIN numbers follow the proper format and contain 6 digits typed sans any spaces.