What is BIN?

BIN is the acronym for Bank Identification Number. BIN is also sometimes known as the IIN or Issuer Identification Number. A BIN or IIN is the first six numbers that appear on a credit card/debit card. This number is used to recognize the bank or financial institution that issues the card. It depicts information such as the bank’s geographic location and the type of the card.

Where can you find your BIN number?

There are 12 digits found on your credit. And the BIN number is the first sequence on the credit card or more specifically its first 6 digits. The American Bankers Association or ABA is the authority that oversees the Issuer Identification Numbers lists.

What is BIN used for?

BIN is the unique set of digits that not only conducts swift transactions but also secures one from fraud. BIN is used to fight fraudulent installment transaction. A merchant who grants installment options to their customers may have to deal with a variety of credit cards, even gift cards. With the use of BIN codes, a merchant can reject gift cards or prepaid cards and accurately validate their customers.

The first step of any online payment procedure involves the requirement of the BIN number. It authorizes and identifies the issuer. BIN number will determine whether a credit/debit card is valid. It also depicts whether the purchase amount is withing the card limits or not. BIN can also declare the type of the card, i.e. credit, debit or prepaid cards.

How does our BIN checker works?

BIN checker validates and checks the bank identification number. BIN number is given as per the international standards which makes sure that no two numbers issued from the same institution are alike. Still in the world of unending fraud activities, anything and everything is possible. So, staying a step ahead in the matter of safety is always recommended.

Our BIN checker lets you stay informed about whether your card details are valid or not. All you have to do is put those 6 digits into the checker and hit “enter” A list of details about the card appears onto your screens. A message about whether your BIN is valid or invalid also appears. Apart from this, the following are the details that our BIN checked verifies:

  • BIN
  • Issuing Bank
  • Card Brand
  • Card Type
  • Card Level
  • ISO Country Name
  • ISO Country A2
  • ISO Country A3
  • ISO Country Number
  • Issuers Website
  • Issuers Contact

What is the importance of a BIN checker?

A BIN checker tool is really important in this fraudster world. If you run an online marketplace, then you deal with a lot of transactions from across the globe. To keep yourself from any fraudulent transactions, use the BIN checker tool to lure out all the information about their card details in a jiffy. Also, the online marketplace is a place where most of the transactions happen online and in a blink of your eye. Enhance your security systems with an in-built BIN or IIN checker tool o validate. Lower such credit card frauds from your day-to-day transactions with the aid of this BIN checker tool that tells you all the valid information about the card.

Most of the merchants of this era use the BIN to valid credit cards that the buyer provides them. And BIN checker can be used here to differentiate whether the card is real or not. It helps the merchants identify and stay away from fraudulent activities. Our BIN checker tool delivers information in no time. Our databases are updated automatically, thus every new card issued by banks in included and also letting our users access all its new features without any fail. Our BIN checker’s validation time is less than a minute. We make sure that you waste no time and stay ahead in your process. Users can utilize our instant BIN validation and approve their orders swiftly. Our BIN checker tool is easy-to-use and even non-internet users can effortlessly work their way with it.

BIN is just like the DNA of a credit/debit card. A lot of information can be decoded by these mere 6 digits. Use our BIN checker, to see what we are talking about.