What is BIN?

The BIN or Bank Identification Number is the first six numbers of the credit or debit card that is used to recognize the institution issuing the card. This number is used in safeguarding consumers and merchants from any fraudulent activities. Another use of a BIN number is that it allows a safe and speedy money transaction.

BIN gives you issuing card brands(such as Visa or Mastercard), card type(debit or credit card), location of issuance, and other information related to the credit or debit card. BIN and IIN (Issuer Identification Number) both are used interchangeably. BIN was developed by the American Bankers Association or ABA.

An online marketplace merchant has to deal with numerous credit or debit cards, as all the payments happen online. In such a situation, it is vital to validate these cards to prevent fraud. Because credit card fraud happens every day every hour.

With the help of BIN number and by incorporating the BIN validation tool into their online payment system, they can know the card brand, type, issuing location, and much more such important information about the credibility of the credit or the debit card. BIN allows the merchant to accept numerous forms of payment without the hassle of falling into any fraud. These mere 6 digits also help in conducting swifter transactions.

How does our BIN search tool work?

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Suppose if you are a merchant who wants to search certain information about some BIN numbers. But neither do you remember much information other than the country name or the bank name nor are you in such a position to search them from your files or documents. In such a situation, our BIN search tool will come to your rescue.

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Understanding how BIN number works in the authorization

As said above, BIN identifies if the given card is valid or not and if the purchase amount is available on the card or not. As a whole, BIN lets you know if the given credit or debit card can be accepted or denied.

Take an example here, you are at a coffee shop. You bought your favorite caffè mocha and paid for it using a bank card. As the cashier swipes your card, the BIN number of your card is scanned and the institution that issued your card is recognized. This process initiates an authorization request, which validates your account. This may take a few seconds. Post authorization, the transaction of funds takes place. This process will not be able without the BIN number.

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